Apply for
VISA to Malaysia
Sri Lanka

Documents Required

Applicants Applying  for Visa in Srilanka

The Document Check List is subject to change without any prior notice / information



Important Notes:

Documents should be sorted according to the check list.
The visa application process will take four working days, in individual cases when further scrutiny is needed this period may extend and the High Commission will request for additional documents or an Interview.
Applicants are advised to lodge their visa application at least two weeks prior to their scheduled date
All photocopies must be in A4 size.
Birth and Marriage certificates are mandatory during each travel and only English translations should be submitted.
No pins, Staples, Cello tapes to be used on Documents or Photos.
Damaged Passports are not acceptable. Examples are when your nationality and identity are no longer clear, or the structural integrity of the passport is poor (eg. Loose stitching, lifted laminate, water damage).
Important note: The laminate contains safeguards that will be damaged if they are stuck back down. A new passport is essential

No. Document List

Application Form  
(Each applicant should fill in a separate form, including child applicants)


(Recent photo which has been taken not before six months)
Two Passport size photograph
Fully faced on White background only


Current and if any Previous passports.
Has to be valid for more than six months
A copy of the bio page has to be annexed to the application form.
Should contain attest two visa blank pages.


Request Letter from the applicant (Typed)
Any special requests or considerations can be mentioned.
If Family traveling together, the relationships has to be clearly mentioned   
(A list with names and relationships preferred) 
If requesting multiple entries visa, the same has to be mentioned.


Proof of employment
Employment confirmation letter (on company letter head) 
If self-employed the same has to be mentioned on the visa request letter
For Business owners / Directors, copy of BR, form 48 or 20. Both Original and copy should be submitted.
Any other sort of employment should be mentioned on the visa request letter.
For Unregistered Business or freelancers any document to show proof of business.


Invitation / Sponsorship
Letter of Invitation from Malaysia (sponsor)
Copy of the Sponsors Identity card
Copy of the Sponsors Utility bill
If Sponsor is a non-Malaysian, a copy of passport bio page, Malaysia Visa page & sponsor’s bank statements.
For business category, Letter of invitation from the inviting company.

7 Travel Itinerary (Return Flight Booking)
Please do not submit paid flight tickets, as the High Commission will be not liable for any financial loss in case of a rejection or delay.
8 Accommodation details (Hotel Reservation)

Bank statement for the last three months & Balance Confirmation letter by the Bank
(Mandatory during each travel & applies for both frequent and first time travelers)

Both, Both, Originals and A4 size copies
With minimum balance of USD 500.
If immediate family travelling together USD 1000.
The copies should be verified by the bank, or copies attached with a bank balance confirmation letter.
Current and Saving accounts only.
(if submitting a fixed deposit slip (copy verified by bank) & the reason  should be mentioned on visa request letter given by the applicant)


Marriage certificate / Birth Certificates (English translations Original & Copy only)
For children Birth certificate (Mandatory during each travel)
For adults (if married) Marriage certificate (Mandatory during each travel)

11 No Objection letters
Children below 18 years old, and traveling without their parents or one of their parents.
Married Women traveling alone, below the age of 40 years old (from Husband)
Unmarried women traveling alone, below the age of 25 years old  (from Parents/Guardian)
12 Buddhist Monks
Letter from the Ministry of  Buddhist affairs
Letter from the Chief Incumbent of the Temple
13 For Bulk Applications.
For group sponsored by a company:-
A letter on company letter head, listing the names and passport no
If traveling with family, listing them separately
EPF / ETF Details
Travelers Cheque or Bank confirming the issuance of USD 500 for fresh passport holders
14 If Applying under Express Services.

Business Meeting :
1. Invitation letter from company in Malaysia stating the reason of urgency.
2. Letter from employer stating the position and reason of urgency.
3. Identification (passport or NIC) from the inviter/person in-charge.

Death / Funeral:
1. Death Certificate / Police Report.
2. Letter explaining relationship with Deceased.
3. Birth certificate or any other evidence stating they are related.

Medical Emergency:
1. Letter from Hospital / Clinic stating the condition of Patient
    • Hospital letterhead
    • Doctor contact details (Department/Hospital number)

Court Cases:
1. Letter from lawyer/authority stating the reason for him/her to attend the court in Malaysia

Appointment with Authority:
1. Letter from the relevant authorities stating the reason of travelling.
2. Immigration Letter of appointment

For Bulk Application ( More than 5 applications) :
1. Cannot apply for Express Services.